80th Anniversary Celebrations

After an enormous amount of preparation by ship's volunteers, the 80th Anniversary celebration of HMAS Castlemaine's commissioning took place on Sunday 9 October 2022 at Williamstown Commonwealth Reserve, in collaboration with Navy Week 2022.

It was a day of perfect weather. The ship was open to visitors, while the Royal Australian Navy Band performed in Commonwealth Reserve beside Navy information displays. In the afternoon, the crowd was entertained by RAN helicopter and RAAF Roulettes flying displays.

In the evening an enjoyable reception was held at the Royal Yacht Club, addressed by the President of the Maritime Trust, Dennis Gale, the Mayor of Williamstown, Cr Peter Hemphill, and the Senior Naval Officer Victoria, Commodore Greg Yorke CSC.

At 7.15pm the RAN Ceremonial Sunset took place at Gem Pier. The RAN band played to the large crowd then, as the sun set, naval ratings assembled on Castlemaine to fire a twelve-gun salute, six from each side of the ship, while the RAN White Ensign was lowered from the jack staff. It was a moving end to an amazing day of effort by so many.

(Click on images for larger versions. Photographs by Dot Lapham, Mick Newington, Mike Harrington, Jim Johnson, Rob Tainton, Martin Woodhead.)

Ready for the celebrations

RAN Display

Williamstown Commonwealth Reserve

RAN Display

Royal Australian Navy Band

Cadet information

RAN helicopter display

RAAF Roulettes flying display

Naval cadets

Marching to the ship

Cadets at ship

Greeting the cadets

Royal Yacht Club reception

Commodore Greg Yorke

Royal Yacht Club reception

Royal Yacht Club reception

Doug Lapham, Kathleen Driver, Peter Williams

Evening at Gem Pier

RAN Band

RAN Band performing

Sunset ceremony

Naval ratings march out

RAN band and naval ratings

Naval ratings

In position

Preparing for salute

Twelve gun salute

Preparing to lower the flag

Lowering the flag

The Australian Naval Ensign

Evening at Gem Pier

End of a long day