What You Can Offer HMAS Castlemaine

HMAS Castlemaine volunteers
HMAS Castlemaine volunteers
The easiest way to become involved in HMAS Castlemaine is to become a volunteer. Volunteers can fulfil personal interests, connect with the past and develop new skills, while making a real contribution to the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the ship. It is only through the work of volunteers that HMAS Castlemaine can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Volunteers have been involved in every aspect of restoring the ship, from tracking down original fittings, welding, installing and machining new components to archiving, displaying and restoring artefacts.

There is no set of skills wasted on board, as HMAS Castlemaine is a microcosm of wider life, with a place for every skill imaginable. New volunteers will find an atmosphere of camaraderie and cheer and a chance to use their skills and experiences for a common purpose, while learning new ones along the way.

There is no age limit for volunteers, and women are encouraged to join the ranks as well. Our volunteer days are Tuesdays and weekends, and you can come along as often or infrequently as you are able, so long as you are willing to have fun and be involved. If you or someone you know would enjoy a chance to make new friends on Castlemaine, simply contact us.

What HMAS Castlemaine Can Offer You

HMAS Castlemaine volunteers
HMAS Castlemaine volunteers

The Maritime Trust of Australia has a long history of supporting and recognising the people who make up the crew. Volunteering on HMAS Castlemaine:

Volunteers Past and Present

The restoration and maintenance of the ship has depended completely on volunteers, men and women who have given their time and expertise to help restore and maintain the vessel. If you know of anyone missing from the list below, please contact us to update our records. Thank you to all of Castlemaine's dedicated volunteers.

Dick Adams
Ben Adolph
Don Allen
N.E Armstrong
Peter Arnold
Belinda Baum
Kevin Bebend
Peter Botha
Ian Brandt
Phil Brown
Clayton Bryant
Dick Budzienny
Daryl Bunting
Andrew Campbell
Toni Cascio
Frank Cascio
Paula Castro
Keith (Charlie) Chambers
Adrian Champ
Peter Charlesworth
Geoff Clark
Rod Clarke
Alex Colville
Dick Coyle
Laurie Crooks
Lindsey Crowle
John Croxford
Mike Delany
Laurie Dilks
Zoran Dimkowski
Peter Driver
Kathleen Driver
D. Donovon
Gavin Downs
Anthony Edwards
Sean Egan
W.F. Ellis
Ken Erskine
John Ferguson
Neil Ferrand
David Foster
Terry Francis
J. Fraser
Guy Freeman
Dennis Gale
Pat Gavan
Dennis George
Bob Gerring
Chris Glover
Dirk Groen
Felix Groza
Doug Guthrie
Julian Hall
John Halton
Mike Harrington
David Harris
Leo Harrigan
Keith Hatch
Noel Hernan
Robert Hickford
Robert Hill
Kerry Hodges
John Honeyset
Frank Horney
Russell Hopton
Jeff Hunt
Grant Hunter
Rudi Jans
Jim Johnston
Royce Jowett
Darren Kearns
Mick Kearns
Dennis Kendall
Rosie Kendall
Russell Kenshole
David Knight
Mark Knight
Steve Knipe
Andrew Laing
Vic Langlands
Doug Lapham
Steve Lillywhite
Addison Lowes
Lisa Mai
Mick Markovic
Joan Martin
Bob May
David McBain
Andrew McCallum
Ben McCallum
Neil McDonald
Bob McEvoy
J. McMillan
Andrew McNeil
Andy McNeill
Geoff Middleton
Bill Moore
Harrow Morgan
Bruce Mourant
Mick Newington
Peter Nicholson
Peter O'Dowd
Dee Papadopoulas
Herc Papadopoulos
J.W.C. Paterson
Jack Pearce
Bob Pearson
Bill Pepper
J. Pevitt
Michael Piscopo
Bradley Reid
Gillian Richardson
Albert Rose
Ian Shackleton
Adam Sharpe
Gus Sheahan
Tony Samuel
Ron Sheahan
Ross Shilton
Graeme Sinclair
Lawrie Sinclair
Colin Smith
David Smith
Wesley Stenning
Trevor Sloan
John Szanto
Noel Tehan
Mike Thorn
Alf 'Bluey' Thornton
John Tincello
Michael Tutton
Matty Vale
Stephen Wardley
George Wellington
Frank Welsh
Peter J. Williams
Martin Woodhead
Mark Wylob
Eddy Yrbanac