Ship’s Company 1942-1945

Ship’s Company 1942-1945

What follows are updated lists of officers and crew who served in HMAS Castlemaine during World War II. These lists do not include those men who served in or trained on HMAS Castlemaine during her time at Flinders Naval Base (HMAS Cerberus) 1955-1969.

We have checked a number of sources in an attempt to identify the ship’s company of 1942-1945. We have compiled three lists (PDF format):

Officers – Service Certificates and Service Records saved
Crew – Service Certificates and Service Records saved
Crew – Not identified

Images of each crew member’s Service Certificate and Service Record are in the public domain. See:
Service Certificate –
Service Record –
(Go to ‘Name Search’, then in the ‘Category of Records’ drop down menu select ‘Navy Personel Records’.)

This update to the crew lists previously published on this website is a result of ongoing research undertaken by Mr Robert Pearson, Mr Peter Driver and Mr Kerry Hodges, all volunteers of The Maritime Trust of Australia Inc. None of the volunteers purports that the lists are completely correct – they are a work in progress.

One of the lists is of ‘Unidentified’ crewmen who the researchers believe served on HMAS Castlemaine during the war years but cannot be proved. Some of the service records for these men have been found but no reference to service on the ship is identified. Some others have no record at all, which may mean that the name is spelt incorrectly.

We encourage all visitors to the website to check the lists and inform us of any errors and/or help us identify those names on the ‘Unidentified’ list.