Credits & Supporters

Credits & Supporters

The Maritime Trust of Australia would like to extend its most sincere thanks to the following people and organisations for their ongoing support of HMAS Castlemaine:

Yulgilbar Foundation Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation
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The Maritime Trust of Australia would like to extend its sincere thanks to Andrew Follows for donating his time and expertise to capture many of the photographs displayed upon these pages. More of Andrew’s work can be viewed at Various other photos courtesy of the Argus Newspaper, Grant Hunter and the Maritime Trust of Australia.

Much of the information on this site is courtesy of interviews with surviving Corvette veterans who saw active war service between 1939 and 1945, many thanks to Jack Pearce, Ian Shackleton, Alf ‘Bluey’ Thornton and Keith Williams.

The Maritime Trust of Australia would further like to acknowledge the support and generosity shown by our many donors and visitors, without whom, this monument to the sacrifice and service of the men and women of the Royal Australian Navy, would not exist.